Peer Review of Makeup Your Mind

A first look at JordanAnne’s blog, Makeup Your Mind, takes a look at Jordan’s perspective of what “self-care” means, and everything encompassing the definition. A clear overview of what to expect from the blog is provided in the “About Me” and “My Vision” pages, revealing a clear brand revolving around what self-care means to her. Immediately upon visiting the site, the reader is met with the brand’s logo; the initials of the author. But upon viewing the first post and the About Me page, it appears there are a total of three different variations of the logo being present, causing a lack of consistency among the brand logo. Granted, the logos do not differ immensely from one another, this leads to the question of which one should be considered to be the brand’s logo for the sake of brand recognition, should readers be introduced to the site for the first time. Another issue with the logo, is its appearance on a browser tab. Due to rescaling requirements and size restrictions, there are limitations when it comes to having a ‘recognizable’ URL logo. As of now, the logo appears to look like a cursive capital letter ‘A’, as opposed to the initials “JA” which is the main focus of the logo. Perhaps applying an outline to the letters and some repositioning would make the logo more viewable.

Another point to take note of is screen size scaling. On my screen, the picture banner takes up half the screen, making it at first, a little difficult to discern where the content is on the blog. Other than that, navigation is clearly presented on the front page, with a sidebar on the right side providing relevant information regarding social media and other navigation links. The layout of the posts however, appear to display the full contents of the writing, making it difficult to find specific posts or to browse through the different available pieces of content. Having the posts be tucked away in a “Read More” format, where the first three lines can be viewed initially before allowing the user to navigate to the relevant page would allow for posts to take on a more “cleaner” look, as well as avoiding too much clutter. The blog is well-populated with posts, providing enough content to give a new viewer a chance to get acquainted with the author’s work.

Want to know more about JordanAnne’s blog? Take a look for yourself at Makeup Your Mind

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