Process Post #5 – Explanation Behind My Design

To be blunt to start off with, I didn’t really want to make many of the suggested changes my peer, Jesse, suggested because many aren’t pertinent to what I’m looking to do with my website. That’s not to say that my blog is perfect as is (otherwise he wouldn’t have brought it up to begin with), but the design decisions made do have a reason.

So let’s go through all of the suggestions from Jesse! Perhaps this’ll provide insight.

So to begin with, Jesse states something that captures everything I want to portray: “I did like in your title how you used the parenthesis’ around the ‘s’. It made me think video games and gave me nostalgia reflecting on arcade machines and dusty old arcades.” (Jesse Finkle, 2017). Yup, you nailed it. I even custom drew the background to be an arcade machine, with the arcade screen being replaced with my content posts. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see buttons and joysticks. Sometimes the image gets scaled funny due to screen resolution, but that’s really the least of my worries.

But then: “Moving on, I wasn’t feeling the colour scheme. I think a different background image would help people connect quicker to the game design idea.” (Jesse Finkle, 2017). I’m not an artist, I get it. But it was better than grabbing a stock photo of some arcade machine that’s either watermarked or copyrighted. Due to copyright.

Moving on, he brings in a quote from Travis Gertz:

“Whether it’s a lack of our own critical thinking or external pressure clamping down, we shy away from carving our own path. Originality is risky. It’s difficult to quantify and defend. Why try something new when someone else has already tested it for us?”

And then: “Concerning the website, I feel like you have been playing it safe, colouring within the lines, and not challenging what is ‘supposed to’ be there.” (Jesse Finkle, 2017). Excellent quote, and a fair argument. Except the background art is original and drawn by me, with coloring within lines being what little I know of art.

What’s next? The elements in my sidebar. The search bar I’ll explain later below, but having the archives isn’t a bad thing. I pretty much would like to keep that there for posterity. And to see how much content I make in a given month. Jesse also suggests a link to my ‘Game Development’ category. My entire homepage is the game development category. Nothing else shows up on my homepage other than game development posts. My home button leads to the homepage.

But, considering this is for school, I do have to make at least one design change. Thankfully PUB101’s assignment criteria for process posts aren’t specific in the least, as in the case of when I casually dismantled the Posiel website. They say to write what you know. So in the case of the criteria wanting me to make at least one design change, this means to me: “make the most minor change suggested that I agree with (removing one of the search bars) and still qualify for the criteria. After all, I wouldn’t want to lose marks, would I.

So that basically sums up all the changes and suggestions I’ve received. If you’d like to see Jesse’s full review, check it out here, as well as his blog about Instagram photos and the storytelling that goes with it.

That’s all for now. So the next time someone says I’m being lazy, hush. I’m being strategically lazy.

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