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Something something week 9 brand story something etc.

Remember my promotional video?

Look, it’s a gif.

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Oh, describe my brand without using any text? Pretend that the words on the screen are just an imaginary construct of images aligned in a particular order that happens to coincide with the English lexicon. Don’t overthink it.

Hey, so remember what a FitBit is? I don’t. Never owned one. I always viewed these ‘wearable’ devices as sort of these novelty items that no one really needed, but trends would dictate that it would be the next big thing. But looking beyond that, I kind of figured that if I wanted to track my exercising or eating habits, I’d make an effort to log that myself. Not have a sixty dollar device dictate to me that I’m slacking on my life choices. It’s kind of like putting the cart before the horse. If I can’t be bothered to do the tasks a FitBit would, something tells me that maybe I should be reorganizing my priorities a little bit.

But it turns out, wearables are much more than just shame-tracking devices! They can actually be integrated into medical technology that monitors other critical components of health. Kind of makes me think that for all the good that these wearables are doing, that they don’t have more traction than say, a FitBit. After all, I’ve really only heard of wearables being utilized in this manner about thirty minutes ago. Some of the biggest companies who are capable of utilizing this kind of technology are companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung. And to me, it feels like they’re cashing in on a culture and society that seems rather focused on personal fitness, health, eating habits, et cetera et cetera. Not that I blame them. A market’s a market.

It’s great that focus on personal health has gotten more attention over the years. I just thought that it wouldn’t require a shiny new gadget to tell me I need more sleep.

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